About Us

Evelina Dzanic

Interior designer

Edin Dzanic

artist & Graphic Designer

Visual merchandiser who’s been working with visual storytelling within fashion and interior decoration has an eye for the details and a sense of balance and aesthetics when putting things together.

A full time artist and a founder of Studioedin.se has for a long time been working on his unique style of painting and digital art combining different skills and making room for his endless flow of ideas.


What we do

Working as a visual merchendise for 7 years I really love putting thigns together and create harmony and a space where you can enjoy your self. Combining colors, forms and fabrics gives me great joy and its something that makes me really happy.
Evelina Dzanic
I belive I can create something special to make people happy. I've been working as a full time artist for years now and I love what I do. I really enjoy making my customers satisfied and happy as much as I love creating art.
Edin Dzanic

A few words about


Edin finished his art school studies in Gothenburg. Shortly after he met Evelina who just finished college.

Edin finished his university studies with digital media and graphic design. Evelina started to study Visual Merchendising.

Edin started working as a full time artist painting colorful and unique acrylic work of art. Turned out to be a great success selling hundreds of original paintings and thousands of artprints. Evelina just started working as a Visual Merchendiser.

Edin has now worked as a full time artist for 8 years with at StudioEdin and Evelina has worked as a visual merchendiser at Hemtex & Marimekko for 7 years. We started to talk about starting a business together where we can combine our style. 

We decided to go for it as we both have interest in arts and interior design and we wanted to create something together. So we started creating and formsplash was born